A01: Experimental psychology and Mathematics of Qualia Structures

A01 postdoctoral position


Principal Investigator: Nao Tsuchiya
ATR, Monash University

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Co-Investigator: Steve Phillips

Co-Investigator: Hayato Saigo
Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology

Co-Investigator:Michiko Asano
The University of Tokyo
Angus Leung
ATR and Monash University, Postdoctoral Researcher

Discovery and evaluation of consciousness measures
Mail: angus.leung【at】 *Please replace [at] with @.

Ariel Zeleznikow-Johnston

Monash University, Research Fellow

Characterising and analysing the relational structures of conscious experiences using subjective similarity data

Twitter (X): @ariel_zj

Qianchen Liang
Monash University, PhD student

I investigate human conscious experience of natural scene images using online visual psychophysics
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Twitter(X): @LiangQianchen
Chuyin Zhang
Monash University, PhD student

Using online psychophysics tasks to investigate the structure of human visual and emotion experience
Mail: chuyin.zhang【at】 *Please replace [at] with @.
Twitter (X):@ZhangChuyin
Lipeng Lin
Previous Honours Student, in Monash’s Neuroscience of Consciousness Lab at Monash University

A Relational Approach of Characterising Emotional Experience: Evidence from Alexithymia
Mail: llp3412800【at】 *Please replace [at] with @.


2023Isabella Cahill
How is Colour Experience Associated with Depressive Symptomatology? A Quantitative Study of Colour Dissimilarity Relationships
Mail: bellaci【at】 *Please replace [at] with @.