Publicly Offered Research Group - First Period

Research Plan Overview

A01: Experimental Psychology and Mathematics of Qualia Structures

Principal Investigator:Masanao Ozawa
Chubu University, Designated Professor
Study of quantum instrument theory as measurement theory for qualia structures with applications to the question order effect and related topics


Principal Investigator:Isamu Motoyoshi
The University of Tokyo, Professor
Texture and Qualia: Psychophysical Analysis of the Structure and Generative Mechanism of Indescribable Perceptual Impressions


Principal Investigator:Tatsuya Daikoku
The University of Tokyo,  Associate Professor
To understand the embodied cognition that emerges from auditory qualia

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Principal Investigator: Keisuke Suzuki
Hokkaido University, Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (CHAIN), Associate Professor
Recent evidence suggests that there is considerable diversity in the inner speech. We will create experiential artworks to intervene, measure, and share our inner speech
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Twitter (X): @ksk_s


A03: Development of Qualia Structures

Principal Investigator: Takeshi Atsumi
Kyorin University, Faculty of Medicine, Assistant professor
Neural mechanisms of signal-to-noise control inducing atypical sensory experiences in autism spectrum disorders

Twitter (X): @Atsumi_Research
Principal Investigator: SO KANAZAWA
Japan Women's University, Department of Psychology, Professor

Qualia structure of brain processing in infants: using fMRI


Mail: kanazawas【at】 * Please replace [at] with @.

Principal Investigator: Hirokazu Kumazaki
Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Professor
The elucidation of perceptual qualia in a variety of psychiatric disorders
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Principal Investigator: Nana Nishio
The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Project Assistant Professor
Analysis of audiovisual associations in the higher visual area of the mouse temporal lobe

B01: Measurement and Manipulation of Brain Activity Corresponding to Qualia Structures

Principal Investigator: Chihiro Hiramatsu
Kyushu University, Associate Professor
Structure of neural networks related to color qualia in dreams

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Principal Investigator: Hideyuki Matsumoto
Osaka Metropolitan University, Assistant Professor
Elucidating the correspondence between olfactory qualia structures and neural circuit mechanisms in rodents by combining neuroscience methods with qualia structure paradigms

Mail: matsumoto.hideyuki【at】 * Please replace [at] with @.
Principal Investigator: Kosuke Itoh
Niigata University, Associate Professor
Qualia and neural bases of musical scales

Principal Investigator: Noriyuki Higo
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Principal Research Manager
Elucidation of brain structures that produce pain qualia using a monkey model of central post-stroke pain

Mail: n.higo【at】  * Please replace [at] with @.
Principal Investigator: Tetsuto Minami
Toyohashi University of Technology, Professor
Our study focuses on human glare perception and physiological responses, especially pupil size and EEGs, aiming to clarify their relationships, explore unconscious perception, and investigate developmental characteristics


C01: Correspondence between Information Structures and Qualia Structures

Principal Investigator: Muneki Ikeda
University of California San Francisco, Postdoctoral Scholar/The University of Tokyo, JSPS Research Fellow (CPD)
Structure of Integrated Information and Affective Consciousness on Whole-Brain Dynamics in C. elegans

Mail: muneki.ikeda【at】  * Please replace [at] with @.
Twitter (X): @imuneki
Principal Investigator: Eiko Matsuda
Keio University, Senior Assistant Professor
Sound-color synesthesia with a focus on the sense of presence: Implementation of VR and theoretical exploration for sharing possibilities

Mail: eiko【at】 * Please replace [at] with @.

Principal Investigator: Hirokazu Takahashi
The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Professor
Music qualia structure and auditory cortical information structure based on information processing capacity


C02: Symbol Emergence Systems for Qualia Structures

Principal Investigator: Tomoya Nakai
Araya Inc., Chief Researcher
Investigating developmental changes in the relationship between symbolic systems and qualia structure using computational modeling and neuroimaging
Mail: nakai.tomoya【at】  * 【at】を@に置き換えて下さい
Twitter (X): @TomNakai
Principal Investigator: Takashi Ikegami
The University of Tokyo, Professor
Exploring the Structure of Qualia through Large Language Models and Humanoid Robots
Principal Investigator: Kazuo Okanoya
Teikyo University, ACRO, Professor

We study social animals that establish individual relationships via multimodal communication.

We hypothesize such interaction would require integrated qualia that is a basis of "naming".

Twitter (X): @Kazuo Okanoya
Principal Investigator: Daichi G. Suzuki
University of Tsukuba, Assistant Professor
Evolution and emergence of primary consciousness